A need to announce some affair, to represent an instantaneous situation, carries a wish to be honest, it carries a wish to choose a motive…

„City“ as a chosen topic is closely related with visual experience. Inspiration comes from the outside, real and existing world. My visual experience starts by perception, real shapes are connecting, saturating and transforming into completely abstract shapes, into one abstract system of organization. Information in „city“ is hypothetical, in the quite inspirational and tempting way, especially for viewers. Graphic sheet opens „wide filed“ of view and introduces a viewer into a world of  fantasy, imagination thanks to real shapes, which are completely transformed.

Under the influence of the outside world on the graphic sheet we can notice signs of everyday life, a roaring life, buildings, windows, chaos, letters, words, numbers… Graphic sheets performed by a proper art techniques and graphic procedures are rising themselves upon daily and common, reaching wanted (expected) qualitative artistic representation. Number of details and interesting connection between lines, linear fields and surface, with surface of printed graphic sheet, bring the scene filled with harmonic solutions and new reality.

The line drawing is the primary element on my graphic, but I also use a brush or wash drawing.

A graphic process and print, is not the goal by itself, and outermost purpose.

One graphic print stimulates me to work further, to get deep in the essence of the  idea.

Tendency is not on what I see, a tendency is on that what I believe and feel.

Looking for everything that is around me, nature inspires me, instigate me, to fancy, to dream with open eyes. That’s what I want to convey to the viewers, that is what my graphic give to me, to act on them with the same spirit, like it acts on me. Every viewer can create their own world, when you look at my prints. I want to lead you to complete fantasy.

In the future I would like to further my experiments with the same theme… the  city, an urban center, maybe to take on just one part of the whole, and getting them to the reachable simplicity or to the reachable chaos. Combination of techniques, deep, high and planographic, combination of surfaces with linear design, study with techniques that occupied my mind, and which are a privilege to execution my ideas…

A need to announce some experience…