I was Born in Erzurum Turkey 1998: I graduated from to Painting Department of Fine arts Faculty of Ataturk University with distinction 1998: I have been working as a research asistant at painting Department of Fine arts Faculty of Ataturk University 2001: I graduated from Ataturk University.Social Science Institue having MFA degree with distinction 2003 l m Graduated doctorate programme at Ataturk University Social institute modern art department  2009 I have been working asistant proffesor Dr. at painting Department of Fine arts Faculty of Ataturk University 2012 I have been working associate professor at painting Department of Fine arts Faculty of Ataturk University Personel Exhibition 1998: Vehip Atalay Art Gallery, Erzurum ,Turkey 1998: Mazhar Zorlu Art Gallery, İzmir,Turkey 2000: Antalya, Turkey 2009 : Ataturk University Art Gallery, Erzurum, Turkey 2011 : Erzurum double Minared Madrasah Art Gallery, Erzurum, Turkey 2011 ‘east documents’ Press museum Exhibition Gallery İstanbul  2012 The Arts Project South Gallery London CANADA 2012 Square Gallery Toronto/ CANADA 2012 Hittite Gallery Toronto /CANADA  Group Exhibition 2006 Erzurum Gravures Group exhibition, , Erzurum, Turkey 2006 gravures group exhibition , Bursa, Turkey 2006 group exhibition, Yakutiye museum , Erzurum, Turkey 2006 group exhibition, Kayseri, Turkey 2006 group exhibition, K.T. Trabzon, Turkey 2005 mzeye doğru ilk adım sergisi, Erzurum, Turkey 2005 group exhibition, yakutiye museum., Erzurum, Turkey 1995:Fine Arts Gallery, Erzurum,Turkey1996 Fine Arts Gallery, Erzurum,Turkey 1997 Fine Arts Gallery, Erzurum,Turkey 1998:Ataturk University Art Gallery, Erzurum,Turkey 1998:International young Action IV., Istanbul, Turkey 1998:Culturel Center Gallery,Painting Department Members Exhibition,Erzurum,Turkey 1999:Fine arts Faculty Art Gallery, Erzurum, Turkey 2000:Teaching Asistants Mixed Exhibition,A.Univ.Art Gallery,Erzurum,Turkey 2000:Marmara university Art Gallery, Istanbul Turkey 2001:Group Exhibition, Isparta ,Ankara,Turkey 2003:II. Antalya International Exhibition, Antalya, Turkey 2004:Ataturk University Art Gallery, Erzurum ,Turkey