Mexican woman.

Professor since 1979 of Visual Arts Postgraduate Programme in the National School of Visual Arts of National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). National Researcher in National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT). Undergraduate studies in Graphic Design and Philosophy, Master’s Degree in Communication and Graphic Design, Ph.D. in Fine Arts from UPV, Spain. Ph.D. in Philosophy from UNAM. Doctorate Honoris Causa in Philosophy of Education, Iberoamerican Council, Uruguay. Specializationin Teaching / CISE_UNAM. Diploma in e-learning: Design and Management / DGSCA-UNAM. Diploma in Marketing / ITESM-Mexico. Diploma in Professional Skills / ITESM-Mexico. Diploma in Project Management /ITESM. Diploma in Didactic Materials Evaluation / MERLOT. Diploma in Digital Archives Administration / Asmoz / AGN / UASLP. Published 19 books, collaborated in 27 books, wrote more than 81 papers with refereeing and 18 didactic notebooks. Member of Design Research Society (London), Fundació Historia del Diseny (Barcelona), Design History Society (London), International Scientific Committee at Hellenic National Comission for UNESCO (Greece) and Franklin Furnace Archive (USA) and Associate Editor from several Magazines from Common Ground Publishing refereeing 67 international papers. Pioneer in Mexico in the use of digital resources for arts and design.

Lecturer, tutor and researcher for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in UNAM, Mexico, UPV-Spain and other nine universities. Has given 85 courses and 142 conferences in 24 countries. Director of more than 200 undergraduate and postgraduate theses and dissertations in UNAM and others universities.

Professional graphic designer for almost 100 important firms with several awards in Mexico and Switzerland.

Exhibited graphic works in 106 collective and individual  exhibitions in 45 countries, currently represents Mexico in the International Artist’s Book Encounter.

First woman as Director of the National School of Visual Arts of UNAM in 250 years (2002-2006).