Our first shelter was a tree branch.

Is this an escape?

Or a search for life action and purity in a world order that we push aside every other day and in which we lose our sensibilities?

The first shelter of the man was a tree branch. Man gave sacrifices from time to time to shape the nature’s running and to use for his own service, and from time to time he communicated with the nature with the spells and dances he made.. And man was attached in the nature.. In the man- nature relationship, man that stood up against the struggle within the wild nature was then able to rule the nature. And with the first stake on the ground, the term possession was in his life. The man was then in the centre. So the direct relationship with the nature gave its way to the thought “my land” of the man that is limited to only his own lands.

This concept of possession consciously or unconsciously paved the way for insensibility, and the attraction of “what’s mine” in a way caused the surroundings to be left aside.

The cities we live in today have scarcely any links to the nature.

The things that we see are only artificial grass areas and forestations.

This is a comfort that is attached and covered into the concrete look of the city, more than being nature. Whereas, nature is a social life space that is home to millions of living beings in its own reality. Man is only one of them. Again, while nature renews itself in its own cycle, man has become destructive with his negative interference to the nature’s running. The nature that is indispensable and that we admire its running, almost pushes us to question where we stand with Doyran’s work. In today’s urbanization policies, we witness the total destruction of nature. This is a careless invasion of the nature. We do not realize the resistance of this powerful balance close by most of the time. Doyran, in his work, shares with us the mystery of nature that exists in itself by not interfering with the shapes and fabric of the materials that belong to the nature but by using them as they are. That is what is essential for the artist ; to discover the mystery of nature. Doyran, reflects reed-beds or the depth of the mysterious green colour in his search for a dynamic form that he uses constantly on the surfaces he creates with the paint. When he does that, not just a metaphysical thing is the topic. While nature protects its mystery with its self processing and self-fulfilling side, it turns into a harmony of physics research and sentimental nature in the hands of the artist. The fabric of the pumpkin fiber that the artist uses as a material, in its figurative meaning, is like the analysis of a intricate situation.
Nestling and impartibility is almost like a transmitter of an endless continuity for the fiber material. The power of these metaphors, is probably like uncovering the secrets of an experiential analysis. Both the direct presentation of the materials belonging to the nature and the compositions created by the paints are the features of reminding the man-nature relationship. Man images added to the nature images created in a similar way are the authentic expressions of a unique integration. As a reality, it also gives the feeling that the man is engaged with the nature in any case and the recovery is within the nature itself.

23.08. 2009